Starting Procedures:   If a driver is disqualified from an event he/she will NOT carry a points average at the next race they compete in and will start in the rear of a heat race and can start no better than 12th position in the A-Main.

  1. FIRST RACE OF THE SEASON – The first race of a new season will use the “pill draw” system to determine the heat race line-ups. The top finishers in the heats (six in each heat if two are run and four if three heats are run) provided they finish on the lead lap will transfer making twelve eligible for starting positions. The 12 drivers (not more than half the field, ex: if only 12 cars in field only 6 will redraw) locked into the A-main will then draw for your starting position directly following the heat races at the Series trailer. The remaining cars will then be lined up in the order in which they finished their heat race.
  2. AFTER THE FIRST RACE- After the opening race, the average points inversion system will be used. Once a driver has raced in at least one race he/she will carry a points average. The driver’s average will be the total amount of points accumulated over the last 4 races the driver raced. Once a driver has raced in one race he/she will carry a points average.  (Ex. If you have 80 total points and have raced in 2 of the 4 races,  your points will be divided by 2 and you will carry a 40.0 points average.  NOT a 20 points average) Drivers with a 0 points average will start behind drivers that currently have a points average in your heat race.  If a driver(s) with a 0 points average transfers to the A-Main from their heat race, he/she will  then start in the 12th position  or behind the “fast 12”.
  3. HEAT RACE LINEUPS – Heat races will be lined up in reverse order of the field’s points average. The driver with the lowest points average will start in the 1st position of the 1st heat, 2nd lowest will 1st of the 2nd heat, 3rd lowest will start 1st of the 3rd heat etc.(All heats will be staggered)this will continue till ALL drivers have been place in a heat race. ANY driver that misses the draw or does not carry a current points average will start scratch in their heat race.  Driver(s) with a 0 points average that transfer to the A-Main will then start in the 12th position or behind the drivers with points averages in the “FAST 12”
  4. FEATURE LINE-UPS – The “fast 12” transferring drivers from the heats (providing you are a lead lap car in your heat race) to the A-Main will then be lined-up in reverse order with the driver with the lowest points average starting in the 1st position then the remaining transferring drivers in reverse order. Drivers with 0 points or not on the lead lap will be lined up by finishing order behind the “Fast 12”. Then any drivers not in the “FAST 12” will be lined up in reverse by your points average with the highest points driver NOT transferring by the “FAST 12” will then start in the 13th position and so on until the field is set.  Any driver that does not start a heat race will start at the rear for the feature or “B” main if applicable.  The Winner of the previous race if he/she locks into the “fast 12” thru your heat race will start behind all the points average cars locked in for the “Fast 12”.  If you do not compete in the next race this will carry over till your next event.  In the event of a A-Main only program, lineup procedures will be announced in the drivers meeting.
  5. If a situation occurs in which the line up must be changed prior to the cars going on to the speedway, the line-up will be crisscrossed. If the cars are already on the speedway and the line-up is changed, then the inside and or outside lane(s) will move up – no lane changing. If two or more cars back to back in the same row elect to start in the rear after the cars have entered the track then we will crisscross the field.  A driver may notify the BG Products Southern Sprints Car officials that he/she will elect to start in the rear and the line-up will realign the cars.  If, after the cars are on the track, the pole position driver or another driver elects to go to the rear, or is sent to the rear for a second push off, or is involved in a first lap spin, that row will simple move forward providing it is not two cars back to back.
  6. “B” MAIN (if necessary)- If a car count in excess of twenty two (22) signs in for a given event, it may be necessary to run a “B” Main to fill out the field. The “B” Main will receive no series points or money for this race, but the top (TBD) finishers will transfer to the A-Main. Those that do not make the feature field will receive honest attempt money.   Line-ups for the B-Main will be how you finished in your heat race of the cars NOT locked into the “FAST 12”.  The 1st driver in the 1st heat that does not lock into the feature will start on the poll of the “B” Main, 1st driver in the 2nd heat that does not lock into the feature will start 2nd, staggered etc  until all cars have been assigned a starting position.  All drivers/teams starting the A-Main will make a minimum of last place money; last place points will be awarded to both the driver and owners points standings.
  7. Any change in car/driver combinations after signing in at the event will result in said combination starting in the rear of the heat. Should this driver(s) finish in a transfer position to the “FAST 12” he/she will start in the 12thposition? If a driver changes cars between the heat, B-Main or A-Main that driver will start at the rear of the field of the next event they are scheduled to compete in.

H. TIME TRIALS SYSTEM- (promoter’s option) In the event a promoter request time trials in place of heat races, a system for line-ups will be announced to the drivers at the drivers meeting.