2023 Schedule

2023 BG Products Southern Sprint Car Schedule

Jan 21 Auburndale Speedway
Feb 18 Showtime Speedway
March 18 TBA
April 8 Citrus County Speedway
April 29 Showtime Speedway
May 13 Auburndale Speedway
June 3 Auburndale Speedway
July 8 Citrus County Speedway
Sept 9 TBA
Sept 23 Auburndale Speedway
Oct 14 TBA
Nov 4 Citrus County Speedway
2nd Annual Sandi DeCaire Classic 41
Nov 18 TBA
Dec 9 TBA





2021 / 2022 Penalties and Infractions

Penalties Issued at 417 Southern Speedway Event on October 16, 2021 

Tampa, FL  (October 16, 2021) – The following penalties have been issued following the event at 417 Southern Speedway Event on October 16, 2021

Joey Aguilar– Driver of the 11 Sprint Car.

You are hereby notified that during the event at 417 Southern Speedway on October 16, 2021, series officials have determined that you are in violation of the following rules.

General rules- Section B Line B.VIII.

Any driver, while racing, who commits unnecessary contact or harassment or uses any driving tactic, whether intentional or not, that is considered dangerous by the starter, pit steward, or race director, will be deemed to be rough driving and subject to disqualification, suspension at future races and/or loss of points as determined by the officials.

Infraction 1: over aggressive driving – 2nd Offense

Section B Line B.IV

No member shall use abusive language or threaten bodily harm or equipment damange when addressing another member, office, or track official, etc.

Infraction 2: Abusive language toward speedway official at payoff window.

Section B Line B.II

Driver is responsible for the action of the pit crew while at any series sanctioned race. etc

Infraction 3: Crew members language toward track officials and throwing water bottle at officials.

As a result of the infractions series owners have Suspended you for 2 series events(excluding rain-outs) placed on probation thru the 2022 season and fined $X00.00, Fines must be paid to All Children’s Hospital or Shiner’s of Tampa Bay prior to competing in ANY future Southern Sprint Car series event. Receipt of donation must be presented to series officials