V. Points System/Assignment

Points are to be awarded as follows:

  1. SHOW UP POINTS: 10 Points will be awarded to any driver or car that makes a reasonable attempt to fire the car in warm-ups, any heat race, B-main, or in the feature event.
  1. Time Trials/Heat Race: 5 points will be awarded to the winner, 4 points to 2nd, 3 points for 3rd, 2 points for 4th, and 1 point for 5th
  1. CONSOLATION EVENTS (if needed) ALL drivers/teams that start the consolation race but do not transfer to the A-Main event will be awarded 2 points.
  1. A-MAIN: Points will be awarded as follows:
1st 40 Points 9th 24 Points 17th 9 Points
2nd 38 Points 10th 22 Points 18th 8 Points
3rd 36 Points 11th 20 Points 19th 7 Points
4th 34 Points 12th 18 Points 20th 6 Points
5th 32 Points 13th 16 Points 21st 5 Points
6th 30 Points 14th 14 Points 22nd 4 Points
7th 28 Points 15th 12 Points 23rd 3 Points
8th 26 Points 16th 10 Points 24th 2 Points

Any car and driver starting the A-Main will receive a minimum of two (2) points unless that car and driver is disqualified.

5. DISQUALIFICATIONS: Disqualified cars, owner and driver, will receive last place points for the race in which they were disqualified. If a driver is disqualified from an event he/she will NOT carry a points average at the next race they compete in and will start in the rear of a heat race and can start no better than 12th position in the A-Main.

  1. OWNER POINTS: Car owner points will be specifically awarded to the current registered car number that is approved by the series as being the number of the appropriate car owner. Only one (1) car owner can carry a number. Each race team has 30 days in the next calendar year to register and maintain their number.  After that time period, that number will be available on a first come first serve basis.  See Section for specific information regarding car numbers.
  1. DRIVER POINTS: Drivers points are to be awarded to drivers on the same scale and system as owner points. In the event two drivers drive the same car in one night, only the driver or drivers taking the green flag in time trials, heat, B-Main or A-Main will receive show up points. Under no circumstances will a driver receive double show up points in a given race event.
  1. ROOKIE DRIVER POINTS: Points for rookies are the same as driver points as listed in paragraph four (4) above. A rookie is defined as any driver who has competed in five (5) or less series events in his/her lifetime; however, a rookie’s status in regards to purposes of the line-ups will be determined by the Series Director.  The purpose of this is to distinguish between seasoned drivers from other associations and true rookies who have never or rarely driven a sprint car in competition.  Each Rookie of the Year  competitor will drop their two lowest points events(including a DNS) to determine the Rookie of the Year.