For all chassis and safety rules refer to the Technical section for the Southern Sprint Car Series Rule book.


  1. Unaltered sealed GM crate engine #88958602. Engine seal number must be documented with Southern Sprint Car Series(even if the engine is completely sealed.)
  2. Engines are to be purchased thru a certified supplier. All 602 Crate Engine conversions must be completed by Southern Sprint Car Series or an approved party and will be sealed upon completions with Southern Sprint Car Series approved seals.
  3. 604 oil pan is permitted if installed and sealed
  4. Rear of cam may be tapped to run sprint style fuel pump and power steering pump
  5. Hel distributors with traditional coil and module only. Coil to remain inside the cap.
  6. Must purchase a rev limiter (part #MSD 8728 or #MSD8727CT). Chip #6200, Chip must be out of reach of driver.
  7. No balancer upgrades permitted
  8. No type of vacuum pumps/evac systems on engine.
  9. All crate engines must remain stock as they came sealed from the factory. Crate engines must not be altered, modified or changed from factory specifications.
  10. Anyone found to have tampered with the rev limiters, sealed bolts, pushrods, valve springs, rocker arms, or any other part on/in engine will be suspended for 365 days and disqualified for the night and lose of all points accumulated that season.
  11. Southern Sprint Car Series reserves the right to impound an engine at any time for evaluations and further tech.  Southern Sprint Car Series also may exchange your engine for another if it deems that you may be at mechanical advantage.
  12. Any engine that is found illegal will be forfeited to Southern Sprint Car Series.  Any illegal parts will also be forfeited.
  13. All engines should be purchased/rebuilt and resealed by Southern Sprint Car Series or its assigned representative.
  14. The use of antifreeze is prohibited and can result in a one hundred dollar($100) fine


  1. Up to 750 CFM, must be box stock and must pass track gauges.
  2. Jets and power valves may be changed.
  3. Carburetor must be mounted parallel to intake.
  4. No air induction inserts or other devices to direct air to intake. No Velocity Stacks
  5. The measurement between the top face of the intake to the bottom surface of the carburetor is to be a maximum of 2 3/8” and no part of the spacer may protrude into the intake manifold